psychophysical wellbeing in Ostia Rome

The centre for your psychophysical wellbeing

Cupping treatments

To fight the cellulite, Herbelia has invented the innovative Slim Compact Massage, which combines a professional manual massage with the heat of the cupping therapy, improving the tissue oxygenation. Try our treatments for your psychophysical wellbeing in Ostia, Rome.

Face treatments

Herbelia Lips and Breast massage was conceived for women over 40 who want to fight the signs of ageing. The efficiency of a professional product is improved by the massage that alternates delicate and strong movements. The skin will look smoother, more glowing and toned.

Body treatments

The Perfect Global Massage is a massage that balances the vital energy eliminating tensions, stress and tiredness. It is based on the digital pressure with essential oils and wooden spoons. Try our treatments for your psychophysical wellbeing in Ostia, Rome.

Sunny massage

Sunny Massage is the massage to activate your tanning; it is ideal to prepare your skin to the first sun exposures. The natural sponge reactivates the blood circulation and relieves your muscles, improving your wellbeing. The scrub with natural sea sponges makes the skin smooth and deeply clean. You will feel the sea. Finally, the sunny plus serum in addition to the cream stimulates the melanin production to obtain a quick, intense and long-lasting tanning.