Fisiko Estetica Pilates in Ostia Rome

Your wellness in Ostia Lido

Fisiko Estetica Pilates Ostia Lido in Rome is the first Pilates reformer studio with wellness centre in Ostia Lido. We focus on your psychophysical wellbeing, offering you a range of services to improve your shape and happiness.

Our team is composed by very qualified cosmetologists and trainers. We always try to offer our clients the most modern and avant-garde treatments and the most effective traditional techniques.


In our wellness centre all the traditional spa treatments are available:

• manicure
• pedicure
• face cleansing
• soft peeling for face and body
• collagen
• glycolic acid
• body scrub
• epilation
• cupping therapy
• body wraps
• mud therapy
• yeso therapy
• breast toning
• stretch mark therapy

We have furthermore selected the most modern beauty technologies to provide you with the most avant-garde treatments
• Mediostar Next, an innovative laser hair removal treatment
• Endosphéres, the needleless non-invasive anti-aging face treatment
• Raylife with acoustic waves, to tone your body and get rid of the cellulite

• Icoone, the toning alveolar micro stimulation body treatment to help you fight the signs of ageing.


We organize individual and small classes (max 6 people) for your physical and mental wellbeing:

• pilates reformer, to improve strength and flexibility. The Reformer involves the whole body

• stretching

• pilates circuit, the most traditional Pilates workout to improve your posture and body shape
• postural Pilates, to deepen your knowledge about postural mechanics, stress management and breathing
• pnner workout, the training that combines Pilates and Yoga in a funny yet intense workout, which improves the cardiovascular circulation
• functional training, a general workout to improve strength, resistance, muscle tone, balance, coordination and agility
• body wate
• yoga pilates.

In our gym you will also find the performer, part of the basic Pilates equipment which is useful to do many safe and complete exercises, for athletes, new moms and elder people.
For info and bookings, come and visit us in our centre Fisiko Estetica Pilates in Ostia, Rome in via del Lido 48 or contact us at our phone number +39 3294420520 or write an email to