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Fisiko Estetica Pilates offers the most innovative treatment for body toning in Ostia, Rome. Raylife is presented by Asclepion Laser Technologies. This company has been working in the beauty medical research for 30 years, looking for avant-garde solutions for efficient and long-lasting results. This new technology tones the face and body skin with customized treatments. You will see your skin rejuvenate day by day, for a permanent anti-ageing effect.

How Raylife works
Raylife uses a parallel bipolar radiofrequency with vacuum and cryotherapy. You will just feel a pleasing massage on your skin and it will become younger and more toned. It is a completely painless treatment for:
• inner arms
• inner thigh
• face
• neck
• décolleté.

Raylife Acoustic Waves
Acoustic Waves is the innovative technology to reshape and drain the skin fat and cellulite with completely customizable and localized treatments. You may treat more zones during the same treatment and the cellulite will never be a problem again. With Raylife Acoustic Waves you might intervene at any stage, from the oedematous to the hard fibrous stage. It is ideal to reduce the adiposity both in men and women.
After few treatments, you will already see the first permanent results and your body will improve also during the following months, until the treatment ends.

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