Laser hair removal Ostia, Rome

The final 

solution against 

unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is a big problem for everybody. There are many solutions for this problem: razors, creams, waxes, electric epilators. However, all these methods have something in common: they are only temporary. Sooner or later the hair comes back. In the most recent years, many people have tried the laser hair removal. MeDioStar NeXT is the next step in the fight against unwanted hair and it is available in our centre, specialized in laser hair removal in Ostia, Rome. MeDioStar NeXT is a revolutionary technique developed in Germany, in the optical district of Jena. It guarantees far better results than the ones reached through pulsed light. The base of this new method is an innovative integrated cold powered diode, which guarantees not only a painless and extremely comfortable treatment, but also the safety of an inimitable result all over the year, also during the summer, and on any type of skin, also if you are tanned.

In our centre Fisiko Estetica Pilates, we have decided to use this new technology to provide our clients with countless advantages:
• It is quick, safe and effective;
• It works on every type of skin, all year round;
• It has an excellent cooling system, for your comfort and safety;
• It guarantees long-lasting results;
• They are the most comfortable treatments now available.

How the laser hair removal works.

Razors, wax and electric epilators just cut the hair, which will inevitably grow again. The laser or pulsed light epilation, instead, produces a light, which is absorbed by the hair melanin. In this way the shaft gets warm and causes the coagulation of the reproduction structures of the follicle. In addition to the hair removal, then, this system damages the follicle and stops its reproductive cycle.
MeDioStar NeXT is the most modern laser hair removal technique. It works with every skin phototypes from I to VI and also with tanned skin. The treatments are quick and completely painless, you just feel slightly warm on the treated skin area. You may appreciate the results very soon, already after the first treatments.

MeDioStar NeXT is suitable for every part of the body, both for men and women.

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