Micro stimulation treatment in Ostia Rome

Face and
body treatments

The most innovative micro stimulation treatment in Ostia, Rome is called Icoone.
With its exclusive patented system, it is the only technology that provides the alveolar micro stimulations of the tissues. With its 1180 stimulations per dm2, Icoone offers extraordinary results on your face and body.

Face and body treatments
Icoone is effective to treat localized skin fat or cellulite, also in the most difficult situations, when diets or other treatments fail. It is a natural and non-invasive system for
• localized adiposity
• cellulite
• skin laxity
• inner thigh or arm
• saddlebags
• body reshaping.

Your skin will look smoother, your body will be more toned and the mirror will become a true pleasure.
Through a deep and delicate massage, with no collateral effect, Icoone is perfect to treat your body and face. The alveolar micro stimulation makes the skin more elastic and cancels the signs of ageing. Therefore it might be applied to:
• tone face, neck and décolleté
• reduce wrinkles
• cancel the lines and wrinkles.

The face will look more toned and glowing, with this innovative system that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, natural substances that keep the skin young. The treatment is customizable according to your needs and the needs of your skin. It is a totally painless system: while Icoone’s alveolar micro stimulation will do its job, you will just feel a pleasing massage on your body and face and you will soon look younger and more beautiful. To achieve good results, 2 or 3 weekly treatments are enough, for 10-15 times.

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