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In our centre Fisiko Estetica Pilates, we organize Gyrotonic and Pilates courses with the performer, the pilates training equipment for a complete Pilates training. They are two disciplines, which involve all muscles in a balanced and efficient training. They enable you to improve your posture and shape, for your psychophysical wellbeing, mixing sport, yoga and dance.

Pilates Performer
Pilates is based on breathing and sweet and circular movements. It improves your strength and muscular tone with fluid exercises which help you control your body. You get a more correct posture in a gradual and natural way and the backache will be remarkably less.

The Performer is part of the basic Pilates equipment and is used for many exercises. The advantages are:
• you may choose the resistance level for your training, therefore you may customize the intensity of your training according to your target and shape;
• you use many parts of the body at the same time. In addition to the physical benefits of the training, you improve your coordination and concentration skills;
• you improve your posture, flexibility and muscle strength;
• you protect your joints, which are not forced;
• you improve your blood circulation.

Even if it is safe and with no contraindications, it is always better to ask a professional trainer who may show you the right training programme for you. At Fisiko Estetica Pilates you will find an equipped gym and a professional team ready to help you.

Gyrotonic is a training method for those who want to achieve their psychophysical wellbeing. It involves the whole musculoskeletal apparatus, working on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments with 3D circular movements with variable resistance.
The Gyrotonic improves the functional skills of the vertebral column, which becomes less incline to accidents. It gives you a correct and elegant posture. It reduces the stress micro-traumas and improves the flexibility, resistance, tonicity, strength and agility. It is effective to loose weight and shape the silhouette. Since it is a soft and non-traumatic training, it is suitable for new moms and for the elders who might find many benefits in it.
In our gym our professional trainers are available to design your customized training programme and follow you during the exercises.

Come and visit us to decide your training programme with the performer, the Pilates training equipment in via del Lido 48 or contact us at our phone number +39 3294420520 or write an email to