Needleless face treatments in Ostia Rome

Non invasive


to rejuvenate 

your face

We offer innovative needless face treatments in Ostia, Rome for your beauty and to rejuvenate your skin. The EndoSphères Face Therapy is a modern method to fight the face, neck and décolleté ageing. It consists of 60 natural silicon microspheres inside a cylinder, which roll on the skin at 254 Hz. The moving spheres cause small and continuous skin stimulations that improve the natural rejuvenation of collagen and elastin, reducing at the same time the muscle hypercontraction. This treatment partially fills the wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and more relaxed.

Depending on the frequency used, the microspheres exercise a different pressure and lifting, resulting in specific objectives:
• toning
• smooth skin
• reshaping
• redefinition
• vascularization

EndoSphères Face Therapy is a non-invasive wrinkle treatment that has almost the same results as botulin, but without injections, avoiding all the collateral effects. After a few treatments, you will already admire the effects:
• it reshapes the face;
• makes the wrinkles smooth;
• relaxed the neck and décolleté skin;
• shapes the lips;
• lifts the cheekbones;
• relaxes the eye wrinkles;
• drains the bags under your eyes;
• reduces the bags under your eyes.

Your skin will look more toned and uniform and your face younger. And without using needles!
It is an innovative and painless treatment. For this reason it is perfect for all skin types. It might be applied to treat:
• lips
• eyes
• forehead
• cheeks
• neck
• décolleté

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