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Wellness centre and Pilates studio
in Ostia Rome

For you psychophysical wellbeing

Fisiko Estetica Pilates is the wellness centre and Pilates studio in Ostia, Rome.
A professional team of experts is ready to take care of your psychophysical wellbeing.

Whatever your need is, we offer customized services which combine the modern spa treatments with customized training programmes. Our services and courses are suitable for everybody; they have no contraindications.

Take some time for yourself, get back in shape and find your balance.

Wellness centre and Pilates studio in Ostia Rome

Wellness specialists

We are deeply focused on taking care of you, with expertise and commitment. For this reason we are the top Pilates studio with wellness area in Ostia Lido. Our team is composed by expert cosmetologists, physiotherapists and trainers. Our Pilates studio organizes individual classes or small groups, to improve your shape and posture. Our wellness centre offers safe and painless laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and body reshaping treatments. We have selected the most modern and non-invasive treatments to make sure you have the best results with total comfort. In this way, getting back in shape will be a true pleasure. Set your targets, the wellness centre and Pilates studio in Ostia, Rome will help you achieve them.

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The equipment

The most modern treatments and equipment

In our wellness centre and Pilates studio in Ostia, Rome you may find the most modern equipment for beauty treatments. Our modern, safe and avant-garde machines are the result of a research and development process to improve the treatments and minimize the pain and the risk of collateral effects. In our gym you will find the Performer, part of the basic Pilates equipment, which is used to exercise all muscles for a complete and safe training. Whatever your starting point is, with the performer you will achieve your target.

Mediostar next
Mediostar Next

Innovative system for quick and safe laser hair removal treatments. It works with all skin types, even if you are tanned.

Treatments endospheres

Needleless face treatment. With the microsphere massage the skin of your face will look more tonic and glowing.

Treatments raylife

Radiofrequency treatment to tone up and rejuvenate the skin. The acoustic wave treatment is useful to fight cellulite.

Treatments icoone

Non-invasive treatment with alveolar micro stimulation to treat local cellulite and rejuvenate the skin.

Treatment reformer

The Pilates exercises with the Reformer become soft but extremely precise. It makes sure you quickly improve your muscle definition. Your back will be totally safe.



Herbelia,your spa treatments

Herbalia offers a range of products and treatments to take care of your face and body. Combining professional massages and first quality products, you will get a general feeling of wellbeing and they will help you take care of yourself.

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